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Pipe Organ Servicing, Repair, and Installation


Whether it's electro-pneumatic, or electric action, JD Michalec Pipe Organs specializes in restoring your pipe organ to the specifications that you request. At JD Michalec Pipe Organs we restore electro-pneumatic combination action (more for historical purposes) and trippers where stop tabs seem frozen (as found in older Moller pipe organs). We also restore and service electro-pneumatic, electric action, pitman, and slider action chests. Contact JD Michalec Pipe Organs for a competitive quote for your next pipe organ restoration project.


JD Michalec Pipe Organs specializes in the tuning and maintenance of any pipe organ and can offer a preventive maintenance program for your organ. We will tune your organ for you at a competitive rate, and while we tune your organ our technicians will be sure to inspect the entire organ and inform you of any other repairs that may be necessary. On electric action organs our technicians will even clean the contacts of your organ as a general preventive maintenance.


Pipe services include facade restoration and organ cleaning, where tuning sleeves are replaced with stainless steel sleeves for facade pipes. We have learned that replacing the tuning sleeves in an organ will save you money by allowing the tunings to last for a greater duration of time. Our experience has found that older sleeves tend to be tighter and crush the pipes causing them to be "out of round".


Leather used in the construction of pipe organs begins to deteriorate after 30 years from general environmental variables causing problems with valves to stick within wind chests. We can re-leather, re-build, and maintain your pipe organ. Our work is of top quality and the material used is the best the market can bear. Many times our techs have seen injustice done to an organ with cheap quality work and materials. The organ may not fail right away, but the instrument has been compromised and over time it becomes noticeable. After all, Pipe Organs are known to be extremely "temperamental".


No matter what type of organ you choose for us to build for you, our instruments are built to be visually artistic to the eye, majestic sounding to the ear, and made to be felt by all who hear it.


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